Meet Pax

We are a highly diverse team whose varied experiences and outlooks help fuel innovative approaches to solving client problems. From Scientists and Innovators to 'Creatives' and Artists, it takes an expansive range of skills and know-how to make sure we can provide the best solution for our clients.
Our people define us. They are talented adventurers who are shaping the tech landscape from Abu Dhabi with their considerable expertise and experience. For them, PAX is a place where they can make their Big Data dreams come true. We embrace and foster the entrepreneurial spirit that propels our people and our company forward.

Our industry is ever evolving, and so are we.

Meet Our CEO


Dr. Andrew Jackson is the driving force behind the development of PAX as a leading AI company that is focused on a cognitive nation. Before PAX, Andrew worked in the Silicon Valley unicorn Palantir. He also worked in the aviation industry as the Head of Intelligence for Etihad Airways. Before then, he spent multiple years working for Susquehanna, one of the top AI-driven trading companies. In addition, Andrew worked for an EU think tank to bring research from academia to major EU smart city programs, in close collaboration with IBM and Siemens.

Andrew holds an array of academic qualifications, including a PhD in Software Engineering and Machine Learning from Trinity College Dublin. He completed his MSc in Networks and Distributed Systems and his PgDip in Statistics from the Trinity College Dublin, and he holds a BSc degree in Business Information Systems from the Dublin Institute of Technology. Furthermore, Andrew did post-doctorate research at Princeton University and INRIA in France.

What makes us Unique

We operate our own data centers with extensive private cloud infrastructure.
We have nearly limitless compute, storage and network resources.
Extensive Big Data and HPC infrastructure leveraging Hadoop, Slurm and Spectrum.
Our AI Infrastructure is provided by the latest NVIDIA GPU cloud computing platform.

We're in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is the largest of the UAE’s seven emirates with over 1.6 million residents and 150 nationalities.

Abu Dhabi has something for everyone. With its 365 days of sunshine a year, and preserved natural resources and beaches, Abu Dhabi is a nature lover's paradise.

Home to a stunning skyline of award-winning buildings, and an ever-growing number of international museums and art galleries.  In terms of entertainment, we have a lot to offer: live concerts, spectacular sporting events, thrilling theme parks, world class restaurants and a vibrant night-life.

An ample selection of private schools and colleges, world-class family attractions and a deep sense of community makes us an ideal city for families of all sizes.

We have the opportunity to work on projects that I could only have dreamt of earlier in my career. Here we have access to massive data sets of all types that no one else does. We have access to an AI cloud with more computing power than some of the world’s top super computers

Andrew Jackson, CEO

At PAX, we are working on latest hardware and software technologies in the Big data and AI space. There’s no resource limit to the involvement and amount of creativity that you can contribute to this domain. Title or role do not completely define you, what you do in each and every delivery to make it a success is what does. It’s really up to you! At the same time, you get to have amazing views and a great cup of coffee steps away from your work space!

Ben Ly, Quality Assurance • Testing • Resource Management • Software Development • Process Engineering • Thought Leader