Security Architect

If you're interested in this role at PAX, please send your CV and a cover letter (optional) that best expresses your interest and qualifications to

As the Security Architect in our team you will lead the design and development of the cloud native security architectures for data, infrastructure and applications deployed into different types of cloud systems. You’ll work closely with clients to understand their security requirements, and then work with infrastruce engineers, data engineers and service engineers to come up with the proposal security framework to ensure our products are functional, secure, stable and performant. You will assess the security risks of the entire system and advise on the toolsets/methods to mitigate the located risks and issues.

Who you are

  • You lead the cloud application authentication and authorization framework design and implementation.
  • You manage the assessment of cloud platform security functionalities and potential risks and then conducting it to security assessment report and cloud security function requirements.
  • You are detailed, participating in the security design of  system infrastructures including network, firewall rules, OS configuration etc.
  • You engage with the data team to design data storage and tasks management guidelines to ensure data is processed and managed securely, while performance overhead is minimized.
  • You engage with the application team to help with the assessment of potential security risks of the applications and advising on the solutions.
  • You are leading the research and selection of the must-have hardware/software solutions to secure the cloud system as per client requirements.
  • You enjoy collaborating in a multicultural and diverse environment that expands to include various geographic locations and spans numerous cultures.
  • You have stellar communication skills, effectively expressing yourself.  You convey and receive information in a clear, credible and consistent manner.

What you'll need

  • 5+ years of cloud security service development experience.
  • Knowledge of major cloud security related services like Anti-DDoS, CA management.
  • Knowledge of security devices like HSM, Data Diode, Firewall and Encryption hardware.
  • Knowledge of SAST/DAST/IAST Tools.
  • Knowledge of OAuth 2.0, OpenID/OpenID-Connect, SAML 2.0, Kerberos, LDAP.

Bonus if you have

  • Experience working in an Agile environment, CSD, CSM, SA, ASE.

If you're interested in this role at PAX, please send your CV and a cover letter (optional) that best expresses your interest and qualifications to


• Competitive Pay
• Annual Bonus Program
• Generous Paid Time Off
• Comprehensive Health Benefits
• Relocation Assistance
• Housing & Education Allowance
• Annual Return Ticket Home
• Learning & Development Program
• Casual Work Environment
• Plentiful snacks and refreshments
• Gym Access
• Visa Sponsorship


Abu Dhabi