Engineer - Machine Learning

If you're interested in this role at PAX, please send your CV and a cover letter (optional) that best expresses your interest and qualifications to

PAX is hiring for multiple Machine Learning Engineer positions. We are looking for experts in Computer Vision and NLP to develop innovative technologies. As a member of our Data Scientists team, you possess a broad knowledge of Machine Learning and software development techniques to help design and implement a cutting-edge AI platform. You will focus on designing, implementing and maintaining various Deep Learning and Reinforcement Learning code. You will work with a multidisciplinary team of smart people, including Product Managers, and Software Developers, to advance a state-of-the-art AI platform that can be applied to domains such as Pattern Recognition, Optimization, Control, Anomaly detection, Speech Recognition and Machine Vision.

Who you are
  • You have an end-to-end hands-on ownership of ML features and various projects.
  • You create POCs focused on Deep Learning as well as other traditional approaches within Data Science.
  • You develop algorithms in key areas in Machine Learning.
  • You are a Team-Player working closely with other colleagues while maintaining a clear vision of the value of our diverse offerings.
  • You lead the path of value-driven AI features that are innovative and deployable to real customers.
  • You embrace the latest cutting-edge AI technologies.
  • You transform ambiguity into clarity.
  • You enjoy collaborating in a multicultural and diverse environment that expands to include various geographic locations and spans numerous cultures.
  • You have stellar communication skills, effectively expressing yourself. You convey and receive information in a clear, credible and consistent manner.
What you’ll need
  • PhD or Masters in Computer Science, or a related field with experience in the areas of Deep Learning, Computer Vision, NLP or Machine Learning.
  • Track record of solving industry problems through novel algorithms and innovation.
  • Strong understanding of model architectures of Deep Neural Networks (Gradients, Activation Paths, Activation Functions, etc.).
  • Strong understanding of statistical learning techniques (Classification, Regression, Clustering, metrics, structured learning, probabilistic graphical models).
  • Fast prototyping skills, including comprehensive feature integration during all cycles of development.
  • Strong understanding of Databases and SQL.
  • Strong understanding of parallel processing using OpenMP.
  • Excellent skills in software development in Python, Java, C/C++ prototyping, and integration with libraries such as OpenCV, VLFEAT, CBLAS, etc.
  • Hands-on experience with AI frameworks (OpenCV, Scikit-learn, PyTorch, TensorFlow, Caffe, Theano, Torch, R,TensorFLow, PyTorch, Keras).
  • Experience with R, git, Hadoop, Cassandra, MapReduce, and AWS.
Bonus if you have
  • Experience with adversarial models within Deep Learning (especially Generative Adversarial Networks).
  • Publications in top computer vision/deep learning conferences and journals.
  • Contribution to major deep/machine learning open source libraries.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment, CSD, CSM, SA, ASE.

If you're interested in this role at PAX, please send your CV and a cover letter (optional) that best expresses your interest and qualifications to


• Competitive Pay
• Annual Bonus Program
• Generous Paid Time Off
• Comprehensive Health Benefits
• Relocation Assistance
• Housing & Education Allowance
• Annual Return Ticket Home
• Learning & Development Program
• Casual Work Environment
• Plentiful snacks and refreshments
• Gym Access
• Visa Sponsorship


Abu Dhabi