Augment Your World With
PAX-AI Solutions

We are PAX, a global AI-technology company.  At PAX we design, develop, and deploy solutions based on large datasets to efficiently manage and enhance municipality management. Our systems integrate with existing tools to identify and resolve pain points, such as energy conservation through intelligent organization of peaking power plants and easing traffic with real-time adjustment to tolls and flow redirection.

Turn Your Information Into Actionable Intelligence

Your problems are unique, so why should you accept a generic off-the-shelf one-size-fits-all technical solution? Too often companies offer tools that either underperform or sit unused. Our team works with you to build a clear understanding of your data needs and then apply the most suitable technologies to craft an optimized solution. From planning bus routes and on-the-fly traffic light adjustments to smart targeting neighborhoods for social programs with our happiness analysis, PAX builds the tools for futuristic smart cities today.

PAX develops a powerful platform

We offer powerful analytic capabilities that will help you identify trend or anomalies, visualize networks, track indicators, test strategies, or tackle whatever critical analytic questions you face, including unique machine learning models.